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National and International

Privates and Companies

Means at our disposal:
–Specialized people;
–Transport Wheels;
–Removal Vans
–Removal Vans with Lift Platform;
–External Lift.

Services rendered:
–Free Budgets;
–Advice related to all sorts of Packaging;
–Dismounting and mounting of all sorts of furniture/equipment;
–Specific packaging and wraping or supplying of Packaging Material (cardboard boxes, clothes case, wood boxes and plastic with bubbles);
–Unpacking and storage;
–Removal of packaging material;
–Specific transports (coffers, Pianos, Files, etc.);
–Transports to be made outside buildings (pieces that are too big that cannot be handled in the interior of buildings/offices/cottages;
–Internal Removals (inside your house or office);


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