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Our warehouse is placed in Vila Verde and is splited in three areas:
Area 1, placed on ground floor, is intended to the storage of big volumes and goods of difficult handling;
Area 2, is intended to the storage of goods from removals;
Area 3, consisting of shelves for goods in pallets.


–You have just sold you house and your new home is not yet ready, or you have not yet found out the house of your dreams?
–You are going to do some repairs on your house and do not know what to do with our belongs?

Do not worry, we have the necessary space to storage your furniture during the time you would need.

–You do not have space to storage little things, such as a Bycicle, a Piece of Furniture or Boxes? or big things, such as a Boat or a Machine? Temporarily or for a long period of time? We have the solution!


–We keep the furniture of your facilities during your removal;
–We may become your warehouse for little things (boxes, files, etc.) or big things (stands, machines, pallets, etc.)

Please be free to contact us concerning availability of space and prices.



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